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Reuse DI Water Resin again and again ...
Ion Exchange Resin for EDM and Coolant Water Applications

During the deionizing process, the DI resin attracts minerals and trace elements of the raw water and binds these to the resin. The anion resin attracts salts. The cation resin attracts chlorides and sulfates. Both attract trace elements of manufacturing processes, such as heavy metals. In days or weeks or sometimes even months of use, depending on the production processes and demineralizing, the resin becomes fouled and no longer capable of deionizing.

ABA Regenerates the Resin for you.

When you send the exhausted resin to ABA, we regenerate the strong acid component to split the water‘s salts, and regenerate the strong base component to remove chlorides and sulfates. Throughout the process we're careful to control the temperatures, chemical mix, flows, dwell times and every other factor to optimize regeneration, and return to you recharged resin which equals and, depending on the original brand and mix, even exceeds performance of virgin resin.

During resin regeneration we also strip away the environmentally-regulated byproducts of your manufacturing processes – zinc, copper, nickel, so on. You don't have to deal with those problems because ABA Water Systems is licensed to manage environmentally regulated wastes for you. You can sleep easy knowing we take care of the wastes handling and disposal.

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February 21, 2022