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DI Resin regeneration for industrial applications is capable of restoring up to 95% of the deionizing resin’s hydroxide form, and regenerating up to 99% of the resin’s hydrogen form. During regeneration, the strong acid component is regenerated to split water’s salts, and the strong base component is regenerated to remove chlorides and sulfates. All the while, the chemical mix, temperatures, flows, dwell times and other factors are all optimized to produce a consistently high quality resin for single bed or mixed bed use. The multistage regeneration process also removes byproducts which could otherwise lead to environmental control problems.

Learn more about EDM water resin here.

Demanding Applications

Here you'll find products and services for all kinds of pure water needs. These include: demineralizing cells and resin, media filters, carbon filters, filters for reverse osmosis, and our specialty, resin regeneration. Applications range from precision EDM machining, to producing pure water for medical use, to implementing boiler-feed water programs.

Deionizing Resin and Regeneration

Distribution throughout
the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

ABA markets its resin products and services via a continent-wide network of dealers and distributors who specialize in pure-water and resin-use applications. Together we draw from experience with the largest and smallest of businesses, and all in between, to help you identify your water problems, seek solutions, and satisfy your needs.

Deionized Water Specialists

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Thousands of businesses count on ABA's products and services to produce pure water every day. It's trust we've earned during more than twenty-five years of friendly, personalized service.

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