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Deionized Resin for
Wherever Pure Water is Needed:

- Car Washing
- Window Washing
- Test Laboratories
- Dental Laboratories
- Medical Services
- Aquaculture

... and for Manufacturing Applications:
- Waterjet Cutting
- EDM Manufacturing
- WEDM Hole Cutting
- Vibratory Finishing
- Boiler Water Makeup
- Coolant Water Makeup

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ABA Water Systems, Inc.
226 West Broadway
Plainview, MN 55964 USA


Regenerate DI Water Resin to save money.

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Best Way to Swap-Out Tanks ... Finding the right tank head configuration.

Visit our FAQs page, and our new Tank Head Configuration page.
  Parts for JPL Mars Explorer

Consistent Dielectric Strength for Perfect Parts.

Fine-tuned EDM systems are capable of producing high quality parts like these precision-manufactured components for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Rover's drive mechanism. Learn more about controlling WEDM water quality ...


Today's Wire EDM machines can cut even exotic metals to as fine as 4 millionths (.000004") of an inch, in increments of 40 millionths (.00004"). The newest machines cut at rates twice that of earlier generations — 25 sq in/hr and more.

All that power is great. The problem is maintaining a quality cut at production line speed. CNC control, premium wire, high flushing rates, and especially using high quality deionized water as the dielectric can make all the difference.

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